Evaluation Study of Vaccination Programs for Elementary School-aged Children in Rural Areas


  • Isabella Nyabuto Faculty of Health Sciences, Lakeview University, Ngozi, Zambezia
  • Carlos Rodriguez Faculty of Medicine, National University of Lesotho, Maseru, Lesotho


Immunization is a crucial preventive measure aimed at safeguarding children against illnesses that may have adverse health consequences. The objective of this investigation was to assess the immunization initiative targeting primary school-aged minors residing in rural regions, and to identify the variables that influence the extent of vaccination uptake among this demographic. The present investigation employs a quantitative methodology utilizing a cross-sectional research design. The participants in this research were individuals who fulfilled the role of parents or guardians to children of elementary school age, residing in rural localities. The study employed a probability sampling approach, utilizing the simple random sampling technique to conduct the sampling process. The methodology employed in this study involved the acquisition of data through the administration of a questionnaire, which was subsequently subjected to statistical analysis using the chi-square test. The study's findings indicate that the vaccination coverage level among elementary school-aged children residing in rural regions has yet to attain the national target. The level of vaccination coverage is influenced by various factors such as parental knowledge regarding vaccination, the availability of health services, and social support from the immediate environment. The assessment of the vaccination program indicates that its efficacy in augmenting the vaccination rate among primary school-aged children residing in rural regions has not been entirely satisfactory.




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